Little Tiger Collaboration in the Community

In a heartwarming community initiative, Fouce Landscaping has joined forces with the esteemed “Dr. Dane & Mary Louise Miller Foundation” to address a critical safety concern at the Little Tigers Football Field. The existing failing retaining wall around the scoreboard prompted Fouce Landscaping to take action, generously donating resources and overseeing the construction of a new, secure wall. Recognizing the financial aspect of the project, the Dr. Dane & Mary Louise Miller Foundation stepped in, providing crucial funds to procure materials for the replacement wall. Adding to this collaborative effort, Mores Farm Store contributed to the cause by lending their excavator to Fouce Landscaping, facilitating the necessary demolition and construction processes. This remarkable partnership not only underscores the community’s commitment to safety but also highlights the power of collaboration among local businesses and foundations. The joint efforts of Fouce Landscaping, the Dr. Dane & Mary Louise Miller Foundation, and Mores Farm Store exemplify the positive impact that can be achieved when a community rallies together for a shared cause.