Little Tiger Collaboration in the Community

In a heartwarming community initiative, Fouce Landscaping has joined forces with the esteemed “Dr. Dane & Mary Louise Miller Foundation” to address a critical safety concern at the Little Tigers Football Field. The

Five Tips for Winter Pond Keeping

Beautiful ice formations and white snow drifts create a dreamy landscape with a winter water feature as the focal point. If you’re like most people, you shut down your water feature for the

Removing Snow from Pavers

Are you worried that removing snow from brick pavers will damage or scratch them? How do you safely remove snow from your driveway, patio, or front entrance? Are de-icing salts bad for my

Paver Maintenance

SEALING   Pavers do not require sealing to maintain their structural integrity. However, some owners choose to apply a transparent sealer to: • enhance the color of the pavers • give them a

New Beginnings for South Whitley Family

A South Whitley family had their world turned upside down on Friday, October 18th when first responders were called to a house fire on CR 1050S. It is unknown how the fire started